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Achilles' tendon: A band of connective tissue that connects the calf muscle mass towards the heel bone. This tissue is susceptible to swelling and/or rupture.

Profits leaders usually overlook The point that as challenging as it really is for the majority of suppliers to promote elaborate solutions, it’s even more durable for many prospects to purchase them.

antigen: Any material that the human body sees as unsafe or international, producing the immune procedure to type antibodies in protection.

alpha blockers: A group of medication that decrease hypertension by blocking the results of adrenaline or adrenaline-like substances on cells' alpha receptors.

cerebral infarction: A type of stroke triggered each time a blood vessel that provides blood into the Mind is blocked by a blood clot.

cyanosis: A problem by which skin turns blue as a result of an absence of oxygen within the blood, typically as a consequence of heart failure or lung ailment.

Equally as wonderful given that the identify implies, Good friends are conveniently available and will happily help reps community with other stakeholders within the Group.

The level of threat from UVA radiation sent by lamps used by professional manicurists to dry gel nail polish improves with the frequency of manicures. Get the latest news on well being and wellness delivered to your inbox! Disorders & Situations Inside Disorders & Problems:

contact dermatitis: A rash or pores and skin discomfort that outcomes when skin contacts an allergen or irritating substance.

Organic variability: Normal fluctuations over time in the amounts of a compound remaining calculated (like cholesterol).

calcification: The buildup of calcium deposits in smooth tissue, triggering it to harden. Generally witnessed in breast tissue by mammography or in coronary arteries by x-ray or cardiac CT scans.

Getting watched similar promotions go from the rails in other companies, suppliers are often greater positioned than the customer to steer a acquire throughout the Group. Suppliers can foresee likely objections.

angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor: A drug applied to take care of superior blood pressure learn the facts here now and congestive coronary heart failure. These medicines stop the creation of angiotensin II. This lowers hypertension and reduces the heart's workload. Normally abbreviated as ACE inhibitor.

obtained immunodeficiency syndrome: Typically abbreviated as AIDS. This is among the most Superior phase of infection Together with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which can severely weaken the immune method.

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